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Testimonials from our members….


" So, Just as I was thinking that my days to be awarded or lauded are over with my college., I get a mail … a mail I read twice to confirm its substance & originality. I quickly responded & got back to my work. Little did I know then that a unique association KSMBOA, was scanning my work and credentials just to award me. The next phone call landed me on a prestigious stage among esteemed guests, a group of other talented and achieved personalities and a glowing award for my work done till date which they saw as an achievement. A morale boost & support system created by KSMBOA is impeccable. This recognition made me proud and also played as a call tom myself to go further miles. I thank the idea of KSMBOA and all the hands that made it fall into place. The mega platform KSMBOA is created for all the Small and Medium Organizations to meet get to know the Contacts, discuss the Resources , problems & go on to lead a path ahead to achieve more -This should be one of the most appreciated efforts in our KARNATAKA. Without a doubt, this organization will go places for the welfare of its people and by the people in it. Thank You KSMBOA. "

Ravi Shankar R
CEO & Chairman
BrainSTARS Services Pvt. Ltd.

" We are extremely pleased with our interactions with KSMBOA over the last 3 months. Unlike other organizations who make tall claims, KSMBOA has actually come through with actions. We are specifically happy about the services and support related to investment and training needs. We also highly appreciate their proactive communication and the collaborative approach to bring the members and offerings together. We wish them all the best to keep up the same momentum."

Kalpana P Heblekar
Handikrafts Sourcing Manufacturing

" I am very fortunate to have become a member of KSMBOA .This is a place where we all can look to solve our business related problems, get to know others in the business and so i want all the Business owners to be members so that we grow and make Karnataka a thriving Business hub."

Geethanath .

" We approached Karnataka Small & Medium Business Owner’s Association [KSMBOA] as they have a strong network comprising of Entrepreneurs, Proprietors, Owners, Directors and CEOs of the SME segment based in Karnataka. This association provides us a support to afford the best legal advice, the best possible vendors, the best training, resources, etc. which cannot be possible individually. I would recommend KSMBOA to people who need exposure in the market and who want to work towards mutual benefits of each other in the industry."

Managing Director

" We at Adarsha always dreamt of getting a Platform where we could stand and speak about our Company and our achievements/goals and KSMBOA is the right Platform we got where we could do it to the core and KSMBOA has encouraged the Entrepreneurs to dream big now. We are overwhelmed with the response and the recognition we received due to KSMBOA. It is definitely pushing us to go to the extra mile in achieving anything we wish by guiding, assisting and bridging the gap so that we can step in right direction and make a difference. "

Raghavendra M Kagwad
Founder & Director
Shopzoide Online Services Pvt Ltd

" It’s been always proud to be the member of KSMBOA. It has helped us getting the required funding, guided us in critical situation. Thanks to KSMBOA for their support and encouragement."

Harish P
Managing Director
Septum Networks India Pvt Ltd

" I am Impressed with service the KSMBOA providing to their members and they deliver great service at a great value."


" It is very difficult to describe KSMBOA in few lines. KSMBOA has proven itself to be an outstanding organization. XIPHIAS Group is very proud to be associated with KSMBOA. It is the best place for small and medium business entrepreneurs. The Business Excellence Awards given by the KSMBOA will indeed encourage everyone to achieve the goals and also increases the urge to get many such awards from the association every year. Itlso helps all the members to get all type of services that a business needs for its growth at one place. Being part of this association has been an extremely positive experience. KSMBOA is a valuable association for business success. They really care about their members and their future success. We wish KSMBOA all the very best and continue the good work in future too."

Dharmendra Kumar
Luv Kush Laundry Cafe Pvt. Ltd.

" KSMBOA rewards SMEs for their hard works and contribution and also help in solving the SMEs fundamental issues. KSMBOA awards has been great asset to my business. I really recommend KSMBOA to upcoming entrepreneurs."

Hitesh Shah
Adonis Group

" A great initiative to bring all the S&M business owners together. In today's highly challenging & dynamic business environment, a body which brings together varied business owners and provides a single window to address common pain points & issues was much required."

Jayaram DR
Pro-TEAM Solutions Private Limited

" “KSMBOA is one of the very good associations to encourage people like us in SME segment, who have started on their own with lots of ambition to grow and compete with large business / corporate houses, I had never imagined that our efforts in building our business would be recognized by some one like this and get awarded, It’s a great encouragement and this award has made a big difference in our existing customers and potential new customers and it enhanced their confidence in us. KSMBOA & its team has been very organized in managing its activities in a well planned manner, they value the time and priorities of their members and every day KSMBOA is trying to see in what way its members can be benefited. I am proud to be part of this organization & I am sure it will help each and every member in growing its business”"

Menta Satyanarayana Venkatesh
Book Paradise

" KSMBOA is doing wonderful service to small and medium entrepreneurs by giving details about the statuary requirements"

Syed Imran
Founder - CEO
Sprintzeal Private Limited

" KSMBOA has shown their dedication towards getting all the pioneers under one roof to encourage them, show case them, introduce them to various business SMEs in deed KSMBOA is doing a great job. Getting associated with KSMBOA will give you pride, encourages you to do great in your business and helping all the entrepreneur to grow in market. I take pride to write this to KSMBOA and strongly recommend all the Entrepreneurs and SMEs to explore KSMBOA. Wish you all the best, hope to continue being associated with your organization."

Sunil Kumar Gupta
Founder & CEO

" KSMBOA is a one stop solution for all the problems an entrepreneur can have. May it be training for their employees, funding problems, accounts, legal advises, registering a new company etc. You name it and they have the support for it. It is a wonderful support system for new entrepreneurs, the feeling of someone being there to lead you, guide you and nurture you at every step of your business. The vision of KSMBOA is very pure and dedication of the team members is very honest. We have taken many services of KSMBOA to our full satisfaction. They also bring various discounts and offers from various member organizations which is very much encouraging. There is no less fun in the meetups they organize time to time. All the best KSMBOA."

Harish Kumar KN
V4U Manpower

" I am very fortunate to be a member of KSMBOA .This is a place where we all can look upto for solutions to our business related problems and get to know other Entrepreneurs in various businesses. I request all MSME Business Owners to be members so that we can grow bigger, and make Karnataka a thriving Business hub. It is definitely pushing and encouraging us to go to the extra mile in achieving anything we wish to, by guiding, assisting and bridging the gaps so that we can step in right directions and make a difference. I really recommend KSMBOA to the upcoming and existing entrepreneurs."

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