KSMBOA-Brand Ambassador Program

KSMBOA recently launched its Brand Ambassador program, where students from various management colleges can register and volunteer themselves to serve the Small & Medium Business Segment of our Country. This program was designed to help the students, implement their knowledge and skills for the growth and success of such SMEs who have high growth potential but lack the talent and vision to be able to build, visualize & strategize opportunities.

With the Brand Ambassador program, students can get huge exposure in practically utilizing their knowledge, which they have accumulated during their existing management program. This helps the student build confidence and be an acting Entrepreneur, which will definitely add great and grand Experience to their profiles, before they even get down to the job market for themselves.

Even for budding Entrepreneurs, this experience will ensure that students learn how to overcome all sort of hardships and struggles that most of the Small & Midsize businesses face. These KSMBOA Brand Ambassadors when plan to become entrepreneurs, will already be aware of the possible upcoming hiccups and ways to overcome and solve them. Moreover, as a part of the below listed benefits, KSMBOA will assist the Brand Ambassador in all possible ways for him/her to setup his/her own business.

Being in such a challenging and wide role, will help the student build lots of government and business contacts, which is like a treasure for any growth and carrier oriented individual today.

Brand Ambassadors based on their support and involvement, will be awarded the Annual KSMBOA Brand Ambassador Award and will be provided KSMBOA Volunteer Certificates to help them showcase their work and support for future and better growth and career opportunities.

What all can I do as a KSMBOA Brand Ambassador?

--- Get a GRAND Volunteer Experience before you start your career.

✔ Get a chance to interact & learn from 100’s of Entrepreneurs.
✔ Bridge the gap between Entrepreneurs & Government authorities. Help yourself build contacts & know how things work in the real corporate world.
✔ Coordinate Business Events and activities and learn how to coordinate, negotiate & drive teams.
✔ Engage closely with businesses, create business plans, and execute your plans & ideas. Evaluate results, create cases & reports.
✔ Engage closely & help SME’s with marketing & branding activities.
✔ Contribute articles to our news magazine “KSMBOA B.O.M.B”
✔ Conduct awareness campaigns on various Government initiatives for MSME’s in INDIA
Post you complete your studies, KSMBOA will step-by-step guide and assist you to start your own business.
Learn to overcome all challenges that start-ups and small businesses face, before you plan to start your own business.
Get rewarded & recognized in a GRAND fashion for all your support & effort as a volunteer throughout your role & participation.

Get you KSMBOA Brand Ambassador Kit Today!!

To be the brand ambassador of KSMBOA, all you need to do is:

Drop a line or a word of interest at:


You can also call us at: (+91) 080 - 23080500

Registration charges: INR 1200

Effort Contribution: 4 to 6 hours per week

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