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Karnataka Small & Medium Business Owner’s Association was founded in January’2014 aims to build a strong network which will consist of Entrepreneurs/Owners/Directors/CEOs of the SME segment based in India. This association will focus on all the pain areas of small & mid-size businesses. We want to make sure that when an Entrepreneur faces any challenge in his/her business, he/she should be able to use/utilize the best of the resources & methods available, to get out of the situation. We wish to provide a very strong & close-knit network which can give the businessmen, the comfort & luxury to rely on someone in a difficult situation. We want to conduct the kind of group activities which can build a sense of trust & confidence in an entrepreneur to fight away any existing or upcoming hitch. We want to help our friends afford the best possible lawyer, the best possible vendors, the best trainings, resources, etc. All this cannot be possible by our lone dreams, we have to dream together and make this happen. We look forward to your support.


KSMBOA, to ensure that the committed services are provided to all its members, has launched a “SINGLE-WINDOW HELPLINE”, which is operational Monday through Friday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. With this, members can just pick-up the phone, dial our helpline number and place the request. Our team ensures that the services ticket is locked and a confirmation is sent to the member immediately.
KSMBOA service tickets has a closure guarantee, where each ticket raised closes within a fixed time period with regular follow-up activities in place, in case of lengthy processes. KSMBOA team ensures that none of the tickets goes dead, and each member is kept in loop of the activity phase that their service is in. KSMBOA provides that strong back-bone to all its members, which makes them feel a very strong support by them at all times. We are very passionate about this dream that we see for our members. We profit and gain out of what we do each time our member appreciates us and each time we see a sigh of relief on our member’s face when we get him out of a problem or each time we help him with a complicated process or get him out of a struggle.
Our members are very close to our heart and our SINGLE WINDOW HELPLINE ensures that we are at their service on “one single call” from them!!!



  1. The association will try its best to address the challenges faced by Small & Medium Businesses in people management, in terms of conducting trainings, sharing knowledge between members, and setting up a knowledgebase on methods & sources of recruitment, managing and retaining the best talent from across the country.

  2. Association will negotiate with vendors on behalf of the members to supply various routine requirements and fix prices at low cost.

  3. Association will educate members on how to handle various compliances that are relevant to small & medium businesses, including but not limited to software compliance, labor law comp., taxation law comp., local municipal or corporation laws compliance, fire and safety compliance etc.

  4. Association will provide means to tackle bad debtors by publishing them to the fellow members of the association and blacklisting clients who repeatedly and willfully default on payments to the members of the association.

  5. Association will provide the best of legal aid to the vendors for all their legal issues.

  6. Association will provide networking platforms to association members through regular events, gatherings, meets etc.

  7. Association will take up any unfair or any unjust treatment that is done to the small & medium businesses either relating to government policies or customer behavior.

  8. To assist entrepreneurs in reaching out to the right individual funders/angel investors/venture funders/financial institutes/private financers to help funding of new ventures and top-up funding of existing SMEs. The effort of the association will only be an assistance to present your business funding requirement to all categories of funders available and approval of such funding is solely based on the funder. Being a member does not guarantee that funds will be arranged.

  9. To create opportunities to reward & recognize association members for: good entrepreneur skills, business growth, motivation of employees, help & support provided to the fellow association members, active participation in various association activities & various other fruitful initiatives taken.

Please click here to download the pdf with details of all member services.


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